About Tutorchain

A blockchain-based solution to the expert-finding problem

The Problem

Unless you happen to know somebody, traditional tutoring is expensive.  Middleman services (whether marketplace or boutique) take a huge cut from their tutors, in the 25% to 50% range.

If you want to monetize your expertise, you face the same issue.  To get enough customers, you’ll have to charge up to double what you’d like to make.  And you aren’t really advancing your career.  Online customer reviews are only useful so long as the companies remain popular and trusted, and continue to let you tutor on their websites.  

As it stands, tutors and students are at the mercy of the middlemen.

Question: Can we make tutoring affordable for students and attractive for experts?

Answer: Yes!  With crypto smart contracts that save customer reviews to the blockchain, we dramatically reduce costs, open up the international market, and put tutors in control of their reputations.

The Vision

We’re starting with academic tutoring because there is a real need, and because it’s an industry we know well.  But ultimately, there is no limit to how this technology can be used.  Once we enable frictionless connections between experts and learners anywhere in the world, we know we’ll see adoption in all sorts of areas: coding help, music lessons, editing services, gardening advice…

It’s not quite here yet, but we are believers that “web 3.0” is truly coming, and will change the world.  We’ll be a part of that with tutorchain.

The People

Tutorchain was founded in 2021 by cousins Sam and Gabe out of a shared passion for all things tech, science, and education.